Mini Split Services: Installation - Repair - Sales

If you are looking for mini-splits in Lakewood, Washington, to handle your home’s heating and cooling needs, look no further than the incredible services here at Ares Comfort Systems. We are proud to be the HVAC contractor that our community trusts to install and maintain the best mini-split systems available, and we strive to exceed all expectations with our high-quality services, years of experience, and lasting solutions.

Whether you are tired of high electric bills in the summer, you want the ability to control the temperature in each room, or anything in between, our mini-split services are the perfect option.

Mini Split Installation and Maintenance

When you trust Ares Comfort Systems to install and maintain your mini-splits and other HVAC systems, you get more than just our years of experience and quality solutions — you also benefit from our world-class customer service. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, starting with ensuring that every interaction you have with our mini-splits specialists is a positive one.

Mini Split Heating and Cooling

Mini-splits provide ductless heating and cooling to a single room at a time, offering advanced temperature control while enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. Similar to electric heat pumps or air conditioners, mini-splits efficiently cool or heat any area in your home, allowing for individual temperature control in each room.

Moreover, mini-splits help lower energy bills by only using power to cool or heat the rooms that are in use, rather than the entire home.