It's recommended to schedule professional HVAC maintenance at least once a year. Regular servicing helps ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and extends the lifespan of your system.
Look out for warning signs such as strange noises, uneven heating or cooling, increased energy bills, and frequent on/off cycling. If you notice any of these issues, it's advisable to contact our skilled technicians for a thorough inspection.
Simple steps like regularly changing air filters, sealing ductwork, and installing a programmable thermostat can significantly enhance energy efficiency. Additionally, scheduling routine maintenance with our team ensures your system operates at peak performance.
The average lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15 to 20 years, but this can vary based on usage, maintenance, and the quality of the system. If your unit is approaching this age or experiencing frequent issues, it might be time to consider a replacement for improved efficiency and reliability.
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