About us

Welcome Ares Comfort Systems
At Ares Comfort Systems, we do it all!

Ares Comfort Systems is a local owned and operated small business. We are focused on residential Heating and Cooling in the Greater Puget Sound Area. As a collection of friends and family who started this company we believe in doing what’s best for our clients not what’s best for us. We believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own home. After all “We fight for your comfort”!

With decades of experience on hand, you can count on Ares Comfort Systems to tackle any situation that might arise with your heating and cooling system. Our wide range of equipment and quality repair parts get the job done every time.

Heating and air conditioning

We specialize in comprehensive heating and air conditioning services, providing expert installation, maintenance, and repairs for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are devices that transfer heat from one location to another using electricity. They can provide both heating and cooling functions and are known for their energy efficiency.

Complete service to rental properties

We offer comprehensive servicing for rental properties, ensuring efficient HVAC systems to maintain tenant comfort and satisfaction throughout the year.


Specializing in furnace servicing, repairs, and installations for year-round comfort.

Air Handlers

Expert air handler services: maintenance, repairs, installations for optimal indoor comfort.

Duct Design

Specialized duct design for efficient airflow, enhanced comfort, and energy savings.

Service Agreements

Comprehensive maintenance plans for smooth HVAC system operation and longevity.

HVAC System

Specializing in comprehensive HVAC services: installation, maintenance.

Heat Pumps

Expert heat pump services: installation, maintenance, repairs.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Discover indoor air quality products for healthier, more comfortable environments.


customize temperature, optimize comfort, enhance energy efficiency.


Explore HVAC accessories to enhance system functionality, meet specific needs.
Our professional team is always ready to help
You can count on Ares to look at all options and solutions that best suit your needs and comfort. No matter if it’s maintenance, repair, or an upgrade, our team has your back with all the latest equipment and tools to get the job done.
To schedule an appointment with an Ares Comfort Service Specialist, call 253-327-7002 or click the button below.